Serviced Apartments are the future

I am just back from The Association of Serviced Apartments conference.  I found it a very useful two days. 

Serviced apartments are growing in popularity in the UK and now make up over 5% of all hotel bookings, whilst in the US it is over 12% – fascinating statistics and good news for us.  It is not always the case that what happens in America happens here, but I do believe we are following our American friends in this trend.  I know I am biased, but seriously why would you stay in a hotel when you can spend a similar amount of money and have often, double the space?

Just to be clear, I am not saying you would never stay in a hotel, of course you would and there are many that I love, it is more just when you need some flexibility and some space, then serviced apartments are a great alternative.

It was also interesting to hear how far ahead Edinburgh is in terms of adoption. So many more people visiting Edinburgh choose to stay in a serviced apartment then in other cities; we really are leading the way.

And finally, I was amazed to hear that serviced apartment is now a more searched term on google than hotel: that was from the keynote speaker from Savills.

Serviced apartments are here to stay and we know we must make each and every customer experience a great one, so they spread the word.


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