The Penthouse Boardroom!

Delighted to say that one of my New Year resolutions is beginning to be fulfilled.

Having set out to grow our corporate business, we transformed our Penthouse Apartment into a surprising and extraordinary lunch venue for 16 guests of lawyers Burness Paull.

A bespoke table was finished just days before and, decked in white linen, white roses and crystal glasses, looked amazing as the group of leading business people dined while gazing over Edinburgh’s rooftops.

corporate lunch

We brought in a top chef and waitress. Specially selected for the occasion they reflected the high standards we want for the Old Town Chambers. In fact, they out did themselves, and Burness Paull were singing our praises, which is such a nice feeling.

Because we are not an obvious choice for a business lunch, such events have to be water tight. They have to wow people. The Penthouse is unique for its layout, with its open plan kitchen so guests can see their meal being cooked, and its fascinating views and my hope is that it will become one of the must go to places for people wanting to serve up a prestigious lunch or dinner.

All the team worked hard, and so I am feeling quite proud that it went so well…….all I need to do now is make sure people know about it as a venue for board meetings and special dining……I’m off to post a photo on twitter and hope you’ll spread the word!

Julie Grieve


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