How important is breakfast to you? Does staying in a hotel give you the excuse to go for a full Scottish serving of link sausage, bacon, eggs, tattie scone, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, buttered toast and black pudding. Or do you prefer a more continental choice of croissants, hams and cheese?

Having just read that two out of every three hotels charge extra for breakfast, according to a survey by hotel reservations service HRS, perhaps you would prefer to skip breakfast all together?

Five-star breakfasts in Switzerland are the priciest averaging £25.72 followed by Germany at £22.85. Across all classes of hotel the UK comes in fifth at an average cost of £11.49.

At serviced apartments our breakfast conundrum is whether we do or don’t put it on the menu at all.

The central principle of serviced apartments is the independence that they provide travellers. The sense that you are not tied to any one restaurant or food style, but that you have the freedom to do exactly as you please.

But I’ve learned that breakfast is a little different. It’s not top of mind when people book and although we always leave a welcome pack – as no home from home should have an empty store cupboard – it can be difficult to anticipate what clients want before they open the curtains in their apartment on the first morning.

There are of course plenty of great places to eat nearby and there is something quite wonderful about finding a genuine bowl of porridge in a café along the Royal Mile.

We could always deliver breakfast on request, or leave our guests everything they need to rustle up the perfect start to their day. But with everything bespoke and nothing standard at Old Town Chambers, breakfast continues to be a dilemma.

In creating something special some further research is required!



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